We must get serious about making disciples.
Followers of Jesus must be willing to suffer for His sake.

God First

January 10, 2016
·         If there is anything in our lives that is more important to us than God, He will come asking for it someday. This will precipitate a great crisis. How…
God reserves some roles for men in the home and in the church. Nonetheless, there are many important and significant ways women can serve the Lord and contribute to progress…
Deacons are the church's chief servants.
Eldership as a means of organization lent itself to the goals and purposes of the Christian church, and the goals and principles are applicable for churches today.
Eldership is a biblical, family-based way of organizing a large group of people (a society).
Eldership is a family-based way of maintaining a society.
One generation of believers must faithfully pass the gospel on to the next.
Christian families care for elderly parents and grandparents. God's Word also instructs us to care for other relatives and neighbors who are truly needy.