Careful administration of contributions honors the Lord and commends the gospel to people.
Grow in the grace of financial giving.
One of the greatest sources of joy in the Christian life comes through people and relationships, particularly people we help to know and to grow in the Lord.
Christians are to speak the truth in love. Speak truth to those you love with all the love you can.
Believers should give no cause for offense in anything so that the gospel will not be discredited.
In Christ, we are a new creation. God calls us to reconcile our lives with who we are in Christ.
We do not lose heart in our ministry, and we strive to please the Lord while here on earth because: we have an eternal house in heaven, we have guarantee…
We persevere in serving the Lord by recharging spiritually each day, remembering the reward the Lord promises, and staying focused on Jesus.
Christ’s death and resurrection are to be the Christian’s model for life and for ministry.

Woman at the Well

August 14, 2016