We are glad that you are interested in visiting

11th Street Baptist Church.

We are a church committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and his mission of extending his glory to all nations. Here’s what you should expect when visiting our church family:

Our music is simple and theologically rich.

We sing songs that make much of God, not man. Some examples of the songs that we sing are Amazing Grace and Come thou Font as well as newer songs by artists such as Matt Boswell, the Gettys, and Sovereign Grace.

The preaching is exegetical.

We are convinced that God’s people need to hear the word of the Lord, not the word of man (John 10:27). Therefore, each week our pastor’s goal is to explain the Bible and how it should transform us.

The mission is the heartbeat of our church.

Our mission is to make disciples of all nations. This task is not just something we do, but it is our very purpose (see passages like Genesis 1:26-29 and 1 Peter 2:9). Our worship is aimed at the glory of God displayed amid the joy of his people.

Our fellowship is genuine.

Our church life is sweet and is based on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of the work of Jesus Christ, we experience true unity in Christ regardless of our differences. This unity expresses itself in genuine care for one another, in holding one another accountable to gospel living, and to extending grace to each other often. The gospel is the heartbeat of our church family.