Right, Wrong or Irrelevant? A Survey of Biblical Christian Morality

Yr/Mo/DyTitleBible Passage
2017/9/3Right, Wrong, or IrrelevantMatthew 5:17-20, 48
2017/9/10The Right FoundationGenesis 1:1
2017/9/17High StandardsMatthew 5:1-20,48
2017/9/24The Greatest Moral Law in the UniverseMatthew 22:34-40
2017/10/1For the Love of GodExodus 20:1-3
2017/10/8American Idol, Part 1Exodus 20:4-5
2017/10/15American Idol, Part 2Exodus 20:4-6
2017/10/22Love Means RespectExodus 20:7
2017/11/5Life Centered on the LordExodus. 20:8-11
2017/12/3Life Centered on the Lord, Part2Exodus 20:8-11, Mark 2:23-3:5
2018/1/14Honor to Whom Honor Is DueExodus 20:12
2018/1/21A Matter of Life and DeathExodus 20:13
2018/1/28Sexual Morality, Part 1Exodus 20:14
2018/2/4Sexual Moraity, Part2Exodus 10:14
2018/2/11Stop, Thief!Exodus 20:15
2018/2/18To Tell the TruthExodus 20:16
2018/3/4Be Careful What You Wish ForExodus 20:17