Bible Study

Bible study for all ages every
Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m.

Child care is available for ages 0-4, preschool and kindergarten.

Bible study classes include:

•Martha: A group of mostly elderly single women with great senses of humor who love and care for each other like family.   They never tire of studying God’s word and seek new understanding of God’s plans for their lives today.

•Explore the Bible: It began as a median adult class, but students ages span 5 decades!  The class studies scripture one book at a time, verse by verse, in a discussion-driven style.  They love to pray for each other, our church family and others.   If you are looking for a group who will love you like family this is your class!

•Lovers of His Word: All adults are welcome in this class.  Study guides from Lifeway help guide the class’ weekly topical Bible studies.   This is a great class for those who love to learn and enjoy spending time with each other!   You’ll find a warm welcome here.

•The Well Class: Juggling careers, marriage and/or singleness, raising children and teenagers keeps this class a great place for those who need the love and understanding of peers, and a solid Biblical foundation. This group will encourage and challenge you while teaching you God’s design for families.

•Young Adults: For those in that vital age group where college, work and career have become important. To focus on Christ and God’s will brings challenges and blessing. To have the support and fellowship of your peers can help keep you on the path God wants for you!

•Junior High and High School
•Kindergarten through 6th grades

Preschool and Nursery
•Babies to 4 years old

Sunday Evening Bible Study with Pastor Joe
6:00 p.m.
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